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This End Up

Third in the Shed Stories collection, this packaging crate is years old and the wood tone just glowed in that end of day sunlight as it flooded into the shed through one tiny window. It won't surprise me if it ends up as someone's desk in that household! 

Shed Stories II

More winter wood warmth oozing from the shed

Shed Stories I

When town friends relocate back to the scrub it's the perfect moment to explore whats lurking in the back shed of their new (old) digs. What I found in here was weeks of subject, simply beautiful old timber from the packaging crates to the shelves.....the warmth of the wood really came alive in the afternoon light. 

Bettie's Road Trip

Mitta Green EH on an outback drive, this car is love at first sight, no more explaining needed!

Holden On

It's such a fine toss up between my absolute favourite old Holden vehicles. To me, from the 50's through to the first Monaro, they are all sculptures. When the backdrop is open these beauties really are fine works of art and craftmanship and forgive me for sounding cliched, but they just don't make cars like this anymore. And I am not even a car buff, don't ask me what kind of motor or specs are involved, it is the lines, the colours and contours that when parked up, just make you stop and admire. And... if you happen to make images, to try and capture the magic.

Angledool Moment, 2014

This shot was captured the day I finally got to see the notorious albino kangaroo that has resided in the small village of  Angledool, Nth of the Ridge, for quite some years and a familiar figure to locals. As little as three weeks later, this fella, who was special in his unique abino-ness was senselessly shot and left in a dead heap by the road. The image taken that morning, just after he hopped by me, is a tribute to the albino roo, known to many and now reduced to a fond local memory. 

Out and about 'The Ridge'...

It's amazing what you see when you go for a quick drive around the Lightning Ridge opal fields - things that locals (including myself!) can so often take for granted as the norm, suddenly become something special/pretty/unusual/intruiging when looked at with a different perspective through a camera lense. Check out some of my latest snaps...

"Granny Was Right About The Geraniums"

Why the title? Well, have you noticed that we are all suddenly having a geraniums renaissance?  Until a few years ago, geraniums were a distant memory from my Grandma’s suburban garden; I looked upon them as being a tad daggy, from another time. She had one of those 1950’s wire plant stands full of potted geraniums at the front door; I can still picture it vividly.