Out and About

Quality tucker on the Road

Just cos' we are in the bush doesnt mean we have to drop our standards! 

Break down installations

You just cant beat the old relics scattered across this wide land of ours. Breaking up the horizon and giving a reason to stop - these are my kind of installations! 

Picnic spot

The site that inspired  BBQ Dreaming continues to evolve - watch this space!

Smoko time on the road

Nothing beats a shady tree and a cuppa before heading back out to those inland dirt tracks, love it.

Remember this

Here is the sign that had one shoe on it years back as a marker for a property - monkey see monkey do! Gotta have fun in the bush. I painted back in 2006 - might be time for a sequel..

Outdoor dining Birdsville style

Well, wouldnt this make a nice cool spot for a lunchtime feed around about midday in February? NOT! Another addition to the BBQ Dreaming site. 

Well Hello there!

Just when I was getting a bit bored I found myself a new buddy in the middle of nowhere! 

Day trip with Dusty

After a few days heading out Nth West of Lightning Ridge into the arid stuff, nothing beats a catch up with my good mate Dusty Miller from Birdsville. This year he snuck some time off to take me exploring. 

Another day another dirt Road

This is the stuff! My version of paradise, wide skies, jump ups and vivid outback colours. Me and the landcruiser and the echo of horizons.

More new friends

Found this mob after I left Winton, with cattle hanging out amongst them too.